1- The Math Factor Participant will see math in action in STEM thru an architect, an enginneer or a doctor.
2- Awesome Mechanisms This class is a perfect mixture of fun and learning, using LEGO WeDo Robots. Using bricks, students build some awesome mechanisms. Then They learn to operate their creations using a program and a computer.
3- Wild Life Learn while having fun, using LEGO WeDo Robots. students build an airplane rescue, a giant escape, and a sailboat storm. Then They learn to operate their creations using a program and a computer.
4- Electrical and Electronics Engineering The transistors are the fundamental building blocks of modern electronic devices. In this program participants explore the world of hardware electrical and electronic circuits. Participants learn basic concepts of an electric current, voltage, conduction, resistance while building circuits to do simple tasks like light a bulb, power a fan, make a functioning radio
5- Invention Room Electronic building blocks will empower students to create awesome inventions. They will learn the engineering process and Stems(Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) through hands-on activities and play with their inventions.
  • Build creative confidence
  • Problem solving
  • Develop critical thinking
  • Hands-on Stem learning
  • Teamwork and imagination
  • Fun
6 - Enginneering Coding lab students design and build some creations and make them come to life with coding.
7- Endless inventions Start inventing the future with Makey Makey.Make any conductive material act as the input device for a computer, and code